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 Long curly brown hair fluffy loose, medium length bangs in 46 divided slightly outward tilt, just be on the part of the face modified two beautiful curve, more beautiful and lovely.Silky golden brown hair shiny and smooth, clip in human hair extensions tail into a trace of large volume, people feel the gentle Xianshu feeling, Liu Haineng 28 texture and well groomed brow.high forehead long face girls might cut bangs, bangs can pull on the vision of short face, the short hair and tail hair slightly tilted, and collocation of casual bangs, particularly lovely, small and cute.Style 3 in this simple clip in human hair extensions straight hair style is very suitable for girls in a long face, long bangs close to the other side of the face side scattered, ear exposed woman delicate face, black natural hair color, highlights the texture, with long hair is a little messy tail sticking out, show the charm.Now when it comes to hair, many people first reaction is short, it is because we do not pay attention to the human hair extensions is beautiful, that has got a sister paper human hair extensions style, how to look good, but hair more, other more variety, quickly and see these beautiful human hair extensions hairstyle.This is a simple long angled Bobo, and points out the modified collocation bangs, delicate face, enhance the overall temperament, also appears more attractive human hair wigs for white woman Hair Coloring linen.Do not know how to take care of in the long hair? Try this hairstyle, human hair extensions perm design collocation partial fringe effect repair Yan out, looks sweet and lovely girl.Micro volume short hair, and partial bangs collocation, Xiu Yan thin, brown Hair Coloring off white skin, let the girl look fashionable western style, also adds a bit of sweet temperament.